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FUJI Coffee Dripper

Anybody can control the strength of coffee with FUJI coffee dripper. Attachment system enables you to enjoy the differences without any special skills of Barista. You just need a single FUJI coffee dripper.
Shape of “FUJI” is a result of pursuing best water flow. When we saw the first product sample, it looked like Mount FUJI. That is why we named “FUJI.”
Material choice has not only been made by its beautifulness but also by its affinity with user’s lifestyle and environment. The body is made by Kutani Porcelain. The wood base is made by Japanese wood crafting professional. 
FUJI coffee dripper, and including all the parts, are fully made in Japan by traditional Artisans.
With FUJI, you can control water flow rate by changing attachment. Attachments are different in size of the hole. Which makes change in the flow rate. When flow speed is slow, then coffee is strong. If fast, then weak. This is the simple but  powerful mechanism of FUJI.
Product photo
* The material of attachment cushion (silicone rubber) is based on food hygiene standards.
* Design right acquired by KOANDRO Inc.
* Dripper is made by Japanese craftsmen, and the wood base as well. We appreciate your understanding that the coloring will not finish in the same way.
Download instruction booklet HERE