Good Coffee to each one of us.

KOANDRO Inc. is a manufacturer of “coffee equipment”. We design products which deliver good coffee not only to the professionals but also to the entry coffee fans. Our products aim to deliver a new way of coffee enjoyment backing with unique innovation.

Why not start with coffee strength?

1. Is Coffee difficult?

Coffee experts make complicated expressions when expressing coffee. However, KOANDRO use more simplified ones like “strong” or “weak.”

We think that there is “strength” in its first entrance of the deep world of coffee enjoyment.

2. Drip process and the taste.

When you drip coffee, you can control its taste by controlling contact time of water and ground coffee. Baristas know that.

KOANDRO seeks to let everyone enjoy good quality coffee that usually needs some effort. 

3. Why not start with “Strength?”

We hope to lower the threshold of coffee technique by letting everyone think just the simple things at very first.

This is what KOANDRO is aiming for.

Company Kotoriku, Inc
CEO Yoshimasa Furushou
Location 1-8-2 Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan 170-0001

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