Drill Dripper

Anybody can control the strength of coffee with Drill Dripper.
“Attachment system” enables you to enjoy the differences without any special skill.
You just need a single Drill Dripper.


Drill Dripper controls the water flow rate by changing attachments. When flow speed is slow, coffee will be strong. If fast, then weak.

Actual speed comparison.

You can choose to manual control the drip, or let dripper do the speed control.

Speed difference between “No attachment” and “Attachment S” is 50%! You can save time when you are on rush.

Speed setting is applied as below.

Of course you can do the manual drip as well if you are familiar to it.



To make the “attachment changing” fun, we apply the bottle cap structure. Name of drill comes from rotating movement and also “drill down your drip!”

Design by KOANDRO in Japan. Made in China.


Body is made of Polycarbonate which enables high precision of the shape. Smoke brown color. HARIO V60 Paper 02 is recommended.


Holes of attachments are designed with the precision of 0.01mm level accuracy.

Drill Cap structure

Influenced by the design of bottle cap. Not only this enables precise control of water flow, but also it is fun to play with the common motion of bottle cap closing.

Comparison chart

With ease of changing three different speeds, Drill Dripper is an all-around player for your coffee dripping.

(*According to our research)


JPY 2,500 w/vat

A hybrid coffee dripper

that can change the strength of coffee

by switching water flow speed.



・Body Size: W14.0×D12.0×H10.8cm

・Weight: Approx 142g

・Material: Dripper body Polycarbonate(Upper temperature tolerance 110℃/230℉), Attachment Polypropylene(Upper temperature tolerance 110℃/230℉).

・Designed by KOANDRO in Japan, Made in China.

・Recommended paper : HARIO V60 Paper 02

・Color :Smoke Brown

* Design right acquired by KOANDRO Inc. Patent pending.

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